Born in Zabreh na Morave, Czechoslovakia *1989

With the sounds of clinking keys during the Velvet Revolution of 1989 in Czechoslovakia, a future versatile artist was born. Creative genes from her father and grandfather proved to be in her bones. Consequently, the clear choice was the School of Ceramics in Bechyne, then the Faculty of Multimedia Communications - classic animated works at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, both schools in the Czech Republic. She co-founded regional television in Melnik, and briefly worked as an editor and presenter on TV Nova.
Among her craft and artistic successes, we would certainly include several unique, large bethlehems for towns and villages nearby Mount Říp in the Czech Republic. In particular, the Podřípský bethlehem where she and her colleagues built extensive craft workshops. It is certainly worth mentioning the blueprint, which is registered as an intangible heritage under UNESCO. Katerina also enjoys creating props and scenography for film, cultural and commercial purposes. She has her own portable art workshop for schools and associations.

Katerina lives in Belgium since 2020 where she worked as an interior designer for Chocolate Bruges. Together with her partner Dusan Swalens, they founded Gallery 26, where they organised exhibitions and fashion shows of Katerina's authorial work.
She loves folklore and natural motifs, which  is often reflected in her sculptures, paintings and bodypainting. She is unusually active, her skill is also manifested in stylisation, art make-up, hair design, model training, renovation and upholstery of ancient furniture. She imaginatively creates and designs interiors and exteriors. Together with Dusan, they set up an audio-visual studio and want to pay more attention to their heart's business - filming.


Historical watchtower in Roudnice nad Labem - muzeum for tourists

See video (in Czech language)

Podřípský bethlehem - an impressive moving exhibition, performance of 230 figures made of corn husks.

See video (in Czech language)

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"I love cheerful people, the sun, children and I like to create in a good mood. I was very influenced by both schools.
As for ceramics, especially decorating ceramics and painting on porcelain. Thanks to that, I developed the creation of decorations. The school of animation was a great benefit for me in breathing life into decorations and scenery. However, my father brought me to the very beginning. I gained a lot of experience from him and even nowadays we still consult and help each other.

Art work

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