We are a couple in professional and private life. This site is naturally designed accordingly.
Several close souls have joined us and we form a team with a large range of activities.

" Walk through our fantasy worlds, let´s wake up your dreams,
possibly small and great miracles can occur.
Mutual satisfaction and joy is the best thing to happen." 

These activities are indeed a matter of our heart!
Here you will find mainly our professional offers in the field of audio-visual work.
Furthermore, you will also find our personal creation, such as macro photography.                     

We love working on cheery events. We were educated in many different areas in order to be able to take care not only of photography and filming, but also invitations, make-up, hairstyle, hand-painted wedding dress, decoration or perhaps our private-label Belgian chocolates with you on the packaging.

To make the interior cozy? Walk in your garden on a beautiful mosaic of pebbles?
A playground for us, playing with suggestions and ideas for you!
Realization with our leadership.

The world of fantasy is boundless. We are the bridge to it. Underline your uniqueness
with a personal expression. You carry charisma and character inside. Let it materialize
into an external form of bodypainting, art make-up, special hairstyle, tasteful or crazy hair tattoo.

At first glance for women... hand-painted dresses, handmade jewellery, modeling for everyday use.
But men - we challenge you too - JOIN! Throw away your fears, you will attract courage with us. Everything will adapt gracefully to you as well.

A thousand times magnified praline in the window of your chocolate shop? Props of all kinds =
our specialization. Furthermore, everything in our studio revolves around models of cities, castles, chateaux, props for film purposes or for museums and galleries. Success speaks instead of promises.   

How about giving yourself some development? You might be interested in creative photography,
blueprints under the intangible heritage of UNESCO, playful painting, making your own brochure
or leading watercolor strokes under the guidance of a world-famous painter.

A lot of people have a book written... but hidden in a drawer. Lots of people have beautiful pictures
and poems kept for themselves. Why not publish them in a printed form? Or impersonate a large calendar. We have realized ours and we know how to do it. Send a request. Become famous. 

Something else and yet we are good at it. We are passionate sellers of Belgian chocolate.
Visit our shop in Bruges in Belgium. Just behind the famous Belfry. The historic city center is
a prominent of UNESCO... known as the Venice of the North with its picturesque canals. 

Spa wafers - also called wellness delicacy. Super thin, crunchy, delicious, sweet or salty, spicy or with citrus - classic and crazy combinations of flavors. The original recipe tested by millions of fastidious customers. 
We have the exclusive right to import from the manufacturer from the spa town of Luhacovice. 

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